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Fostering is an important step on a pet’s journey to their forever home. A home environment is best for their health and well-being. Fostering cats and dogs allows them to thrive in a home environment and practice forming bonds with their caregivers. For pets who have been waiting longer for adoption, foster caregivers can help reassure adopters that these pets are good for a home and speak to the type of home or family that would be the best match for the pet.

Types of Fosters:

Field Trip- It's amazing what a few hours outside of the shelter can do for a dog! Data from an ongoing study suggests foster field trips can help improve welfare in dogs, increase adoption chances and create other advantages for the organization caring for the dogs.

Sleepover/Weekend- Sleepover and weekend foster programs are a great way to get pets out of the shelter for a short break. Great for the pet and to gather additional information about that particular pet in an outside or home setting for marketing to prospective adopters. Sleepovers do not require meet and greets with existing animals in the homes.

Foster-To-Adopt- Finding their loving home is a special time for pets, but it can also be a little confusing as they understand what the expectations are and how they best fit into their new household and family. And don’t forget they’ve been in a pretty stimulating and overwhelming environment in the shelter, so they will probably need a little time to fully acclimate to their new home. This option is used primarily for people who know they want to adopt the pet but we cannot finalize adoption yet- due to medical or other reasons.

Emergency- Emergency fosters provide a safe place for an animal to be held for 24-72 hours. It could be a lost dog, a found dog and/or a dog who’s foster needs a pet sitter.

Respite Foster- Temporary foster designed to relieve fosters who need vacation or a break from foster program.

Fospice- This foster is for terminal cases to allow them to live the rest of their days in a loving home. STS assumes all medical and other expenses.

Long-Term Foster- Foster commits to keep the animal until adopted no matter how long that may be. We can never predict how long it will take to identify the right home for an animal.

Forever Foster- Our Forever Foster program allows an animal to be part of a forever family while StreetsToSheets maintains full medical and financial responsibility. This option is primarily for our senior, medical dogs and long-term residents of the Loveshack.

Virtual Foster- A virtual foster pledges a minimum of $75 a month to our rescue resident of their choice at The Loveshack. It covers living expenses for their condo (beds, treats, toys, blankets, chairs, rugs, etc.) It also helps with veterinary costs as well as, grooming visits. A virtual foster has the ability to come out and visit with their foster animal, take photos and help network their foster until a forever home is found.

Foster responsibility:

1) Safety and care for the animal.

2) Weekly informative updates from fosters. Share something special about this week.

3) Bringing Foster to events

4) Answering questions for potential adopters and/or even personal call.

Yours may not be their forever home, but you can help them remember what a home feels like.

Next steps:

1. Complete Foster Application

2. Upon approval, sign Foster Agreement

3. Foster Match

Pictured below are just a few of the animals in need of immediate foster.

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Casanova is a two year old pit. He is undergoing heart-worm treatment. He is very energetic and extremely loving. He LOVES his toys. Not great on a leash could improve with attentive training. Must have a fence.

House Ready - Other Pet Friendly - Crate Trained - Loves Kids.



Clutch is a miracle! He was found under an eighteen wheeler truck with a rattlesnake bike. He spent three weeks in the hospital. He is fully vetted, heartworm negative, loves to cuddle and play outside. Can you give Clutch a soft place to land.

House Ready - Other Pet Friendly - Crate Trained - Loves Kids.