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StreetstoSheets Animal Rescue is a 501c3 animal rescue organization, based in Ellis County, Texas. We are a volunteer-based emergency medical rescue dealing with severe medical and special needs animals. We RESCUE the animals that most shelters would euthanize. We are the animal's advocate with unwavering dedication and various healing modalities we REHAB, identify the perfect furever family to RE-HOME them to...and then we REPEAT for the next animal! Our animals are fully vetted, heart-worm negative, spayed/neutered and microchipped before adoption.


Because of Sophie.

Sophie started it all. She was our first rescue together. She was pregnant with 2 litters of pups, 14 total - none of which survived a full term birth. Sophie was beat up, malnourished and ran all over town for 6 days before finally giving in and letting us save her.

It is because of the life-changing experience of her recovery that inspired Mysti & Jen to found StreetsToSheets Animal Rescue.

Because of one, there have been many.



Get Involved


volunteer opportunities


We are always looking for people who have a passion for animals. Who will connect with the animals and form long-lasting bonds. People who are looking to lock arms with us in our initiative to make an impact in the lives of animals in Ellis County. Read more here and apply if interested.


fosters give life


Sometimes the ability to save an animal’s life depends on whether or not we have a safe place for the animal to land. We have temporary, forever and even a virtual foster option. Read more here and apply if interested.




When you adopt a rescue dog … you may find yourself asking , “Who rescued who!?” Rescue dogs come with a lifetime of gratitude and love for their forever family. We have tons of deserving animals waiting for you! Read more here and apply if interested.